The limitless qualities of clay have held me spellbound from the first handbuilt piece I made in the summer of 2002. Over the course of my artistic career I have explored an eclectic array of mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal , pencil, silkdying, mixed media/ surface design, and now handbuilding in ceramics and pastels. I am interested in the limitless symbiosis of texture, pattern , color and the fusion of them all. I celebrate and welcome the unexpected and allow each piece to emerge and evolve into its own subject and form.
My inspiration derives from many sources, both internal and external forces come into play. I am fascinated and drawn to the limitless designs of nature as well as the interrelatedness of human beings; especially the male female connection. When I begin a piece in clay , I am inspired by the shape and feel of the medium and work from an intuitive and instantaneous place letting myself proceed with passion and unbridled freedom until a balance of compostion is achieved. Pastels embody the same feeling as the clay, except on a 2 dimensional plane.

         Donna Lynn Friedson in Provence

My creative jouney takes me through transformations and evolutions of my inner soul. Each piece ends up as a joyous surprise. The limitless plasticity of the clay, and the direct bold colors of the pastels both allow me a wide ranging experimentation in my ongoing search for yet another level of personal and artistic growth.