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This exhibit of my most recent silk paintings is an original , innovative presentation of  multi-layered, esoteric abstract designs. Silk painting for me is not a static art form. Silk itself is a receptive fiber inviting movement  and fluidity of the paint itself. My hand guides the movement of the silkpaint colors, which can be striking or subtle, vivid or subdued. Painting on silk is a versatile, multifaceted process like the fabric itself.  My  pieces are multi-layered and display distinctly defined, expressive shapes contrasting with soft, diluted, subtle colors which bleed and then assimilate into the fibers of the silk surface.


My inspiration for fresh ideas comes from diverse sources; Nature consciously  evokes designs, textures, shapes and colors. Yet unrelated elements often come  together coincidentally producing serendipitous discoveries by accident. Navigating the contrast and balance between the control and freedom of brush strokes is unpredictable, exhilarating and magical.


One of the defining elements of my paintings is the quality of engaging the viewer  in a personal dialog which invites them to bring their own interpretation to the process. As a classically trained painter I have worked with oil and acrylic on canvas most of my career. However, the medium of silkpainting became so liberating and complimentary to my expressionistic style that canvas could no longer match the fresh combination of immediacy, luminosity, sensuality and elegance inherent in silk fabric.